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Re: Sad Story from La Jolla

     >I was driving quite briskly.  Just as I passed the Comedy Club on 
     >Pearl, I hit a big dip at just under 70mph. Upon seeing the 
     >dip, I had scrubbed off as much speed as possible without
     >losing control.  Next thing I knew, all four tires were in the air, 
     >and I was soaring through the intersection about one foot off the 
     >ground.  Before I could get "Look what you've done now stupid," out 
     >of my mouth, the front tires touched down with a thud. 
     I'll be spending the holidays with family in San Diego (actually PB, 
     right down the hill from La Jolla).  When I'm there, I usually spend 
     quite a bit of time as a pedestrian.  Now in addition to staying out 
     of the way of all the blue hairs who can't see over the steering wheel 
     of their S-class Mercs, I'll have to watch for flying Audis.
     Have a Safe and Happy Holiday
     Albuquerque, NM, USA
     92 100 CSQW
     92 100 S