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The event is put on monthly by the Porsche club, but you don't have to have 
a Porsche to race.  I am going home at lunch and will try to get the contact 
name and date for you.  I do highly recommend it.  It does wonders for you 
driving ability, though tires tend to wear out rather quickly.  It is 
totally worth it, they give you helmets and even free drivers training.  
Also, you can drive as fast as you are able with no chance of hitting people 
or getting speeding tickets!!!!!

I'll send the info this PM.

>>Just curious, since you obviously like to drive fast like myself, have you 
>>ever done the time trialing at Jack Murphy Stadium?  It is incredibly fun, 
>>and quite cheap.  The next race is mid January.  Let me know if you are 
>>interested and I can give you more info.
>I have been meaning to get down there...do you have conact info for whoever
>puts it on?
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