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Re: 90q20V oil consumption and guage, Head FS

Siegfried writes:
> BTW, why was the oil pressure guage on the 90 90q20v so useless?  It 
> always seemed to show the same pressure no matter how much oil was in 
> the car.  On that car, I had to put a quart every month and faithfully 
> reminded to do so by the lifter noise.  My 90 sport q is much more 
> robust than the 90 90q20v.

First, oil pressure guages show only pressure, not level.  A drop in oil
pressure due to lack of oil means imminent engine failure.

BTW, I just had a 20V 90q head rebuilt.  The car had only 60k miles, but had
significant carbon build up on the intake valves and leaking valve stem
seals.  The piston tops also had alot of carbon build up, more than I thought
they should at that mileage.  My recommendation to 20V owners is change oil
regularly, make sure the O2 sensor is OK and put in a can of BG44K injection
system cleaner every once in a while.

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q 3B2B

P.S. The head I had rebuilt is for sale.  All machine work was done on state
of the art equipment by a perfectionist.  There are two new intake valves on
number five due to a collision with the piston.  The seats all were dressed
on a Serdi head machine with the proper radius cutter and valves "freshened
up".  To clean up the gasket surface and remove a slight warp, .006" was
removed on a Rotler (sp?) surfacer.  All valve seals were replaced, the
guides were OK so they were not replaced.  The carbon build up in the
combustion chamber was bead blasted away and ports cleaned.  Polishing is a
possibility but has not yet been done.

If anyone is interested, I also have most of the components that went with
the engine like sensors, manifolds, rods, pistons, flywheel and clutch.  The
wiring and ECU is available if someone is interested in an engine swap.