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Torque plate for Audi I5?

In my seemingly never ending string of strange questions brought on by the
construction of my 20V turbo engine, I must now add another.

Has anyone found a torque plate for the Audi I5 engine, or perhaps know of a
GOOD machinist who has one. My machinist has not been able to find one,
although he has offered to make one ($).  You can get them for Lambos, misc.
Renaults, VW's, but not Audis....

BTW, a torque plate is a plate of steel (or aluminum) which bolts to an
engine block in place of the head during the boring and honing process to
simulate the forces exerted on the block by the head bolts.  Torquing down
the head can actually distort the block and therefore the cylinder bores, so
the use of a torque plate assures the bores will be perfectly round.
 Considering that my cylinders will be around 82.5 to 83mm (pistons aren't
made yet), I want to make sure everything is right.

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q 3B2B