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PIIA or PIAA bulbs & where ???

In message <961222160806_1788346909@emout04.mail.aol.com> WARATAP@aol.com writes:

> One other note:  You don't say what car you drive, but I've noticed here in
> Michigan, where they salt the roads, that the headlight adjuster screws are
> often corroded and not aimed properly from the onset.  Make sure yours are
> aimed right first.  Brighter is only better if your illuminating what you
> want to.

They use salt here, too, and my eight year old Euro lights were corroded up.  I 
lost a little faith in one garage when they assured me my lights had been re-
aligned - I knew the screws were seized beyond the abilities of any screwdriver.
However - you can buy the adjuster screws and the little clips for the back 
separately - I got a full set of eight with clips for $27.  The old ones came 
out quite easily with huge pliers and a lot of care.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club