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Re: PIIA or PIAA bulbs & where ???

In a message dated 96-12-22 15:10:08 EST, you write:

    I was wondering if these bulbs were available in a 9004 style & would
 help in night driving (I'm getting old & can't see as well) .  
    If they are obtainable , where ???
                              Thanks for any insight

I  believe there are a few sources for these quartz-ionized bulbs (you can
find them in the back of Autoweek).  I got mine (9006 low beams only/9005
high beams in the clear) through the Audi Parts Vendor list:  Competition
Ltd. in Pinckney, Michigan, along with an upgraded wiring harness to handle
the increased wattage.  Low Beam 80W ea./High Beam 100w ea.
 Ph#(313)464-1458.  They also carry them in the 9004 application.  The light
output will be somewhat reduced from their clear bulbs, but still better than
the stock ones!

One other note:  You don't say what car you drive, but I've noticed here in
Michigan, where they salt the roads, that the headlight adjuster screws are
often corroded and not aimed properly from the onset.  Make sure yours are
aimed right first.  Brighter is only better if your illuminating what you
want to.  Alternately, you can check with Phillipe Sabot at Metrix in Canada
(800)4-METRIX for European Headlights --pricier, but the best option (even if
not D.O.T. approved).

Good luck,

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 V8Q 159k+ (stock lights w/harness for now...)
85 4KQ 130k  (euro lights/H4 bulbs (much better))