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how to connect the A4's radio ?

In message <19970101114157.6317.qmail@sylvia.tummy.com> jafo@tummy.com writes:

> Why doesn't the radio turn off?!?

I can offer a personal theory ...
Way back when the ur-quattro was just a potential future, Audi got quite 
interested in ergonomics.  One of the companies they talked to at that time was 
Philips Autoradio, a division of Philips Eindhoven based in Wetzlar in Germany.
Philips did some work in co-operation with Munich University.  The idea was to 
make car radios easier to use - the immediate result was the Philips 
AC990/AC994 radio.  I think it came onto the market in 1979 or 1980, and it was 
one of the factory options in the very first Audi 80Qs.
The radio is a little like a scanner - it has 7 banks each containing 10 
frequencies.  The idea is to store all of the frequencies used by your 
favourite radio station (remember - this is Germany - everything is VHF/FM and 
hilly).  Per default, the radio was programmed with buttons P1 to P6 selecting 
NDR2, WDR2, HR3, SWF3, SDR3 and BR3.

   "Ununterbrochenes Verkehrsfunk-Programm von Flensburg bis Garmisch"

(P7 controlled the 49m band, medium wave, long wave, etc.)
This was _very_ _much_ a recommended option - we had several fitted in our 
Audi 80 fleet, and I still have mine to this day in the ur-quattro.
It has one curious characteristic - after a few minutes it goes silent for half 
a second.  I think it's at two, ten, thirty and fifty minutes.  Then it 
works faultlessly all day.  The Germans say it's "systembedingt", which I've 
never believed. But it _is_ irritating.  Supposedly it's checking the memory 
banks against the programmes it's receiving.
I think the maintenance of radio power with the ignition off is partly because 
of this radio (and perhaps others like it).

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club