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Re: Lights

> The quad 5 3/4 round setup would prolly look the best and still be
> correct, and not too hard a crack into the mirror when gandered.....

FWIW, I AM still working on this for my 200q although I've been sidetracked
of late with other projects.  I had them on the car before Thanksgiving but
decided that my modified '76 BMW 530i headlight clusters weren't the way to
go since it wasn't possible to use the non-turbo sidemarker lights and this
means I can't relocate the turnsignals from the bumper.  Since I have to do
this in order to mount my ultra-trick late-model Camaro driving lights, I'm
going to fab some custom brackets from aluminum sheet instead.  I've made a
pattern for each side (No, you can't just make one pattern and flip it over
... that would be too easy and un-Audi like!) and as soon as I stop playing
around with my new toy, I'll get around to finishing them up.

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