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Re: Sad but true, TQC < TQ

..>In a message dated 97-01-05 16:40:13 EST, you write:
..><< i see that ford in it's update to the escort cossie to turn it from '96
..>group a to '97 'world rally car' (ie to the new fia rally regulations) has
..>modified the rear suspension of carlos sainz's new car to be....
..> mcpherson struts with lower wishbones.
..> go figure.
..>  >>
..>Easily figgrd
..>Would that be an AWD model or the fwd...  I can figgr it either way...  The
..>prollum with a split axle or a lateral control arm (ala 5ktq/200tq) is that
..>it doesn't "land" as well when airborn, the beam tends to bend towards the
..>rear, creating a serious toe problem (I always referred it as "stubbing" ones
..>"toe")...  The lower wishbones are a much sturdier design, tho not immune
..>from the same problem (btdt on my wishbone 81 ProRally scirocco)....
..> Structurally a better idea, design, not necessarily....  I would also
..>venture to say (guessing) that the lower wishbones are prolly more like the
..>5ktq/200tq rear than a 4kq rear....  And a better design....  Don't forget
..>the 5ktq/200tq is a "wishbone" too, just correctly designed, not correctly
..>adapted ala 4kq/80

the excort cosworth has been ford's group a rally car for the last 3 years.
2 litre turbo (inline) (essentially the old sierra cosworth running gear).

it is a full works rally car with 34mm restrictor to limit to about 300hp.

the 'world rally car' is an fia idea to replace the old group 'a' rules which
replaced (sigh) the old group 'b' cars (aka quattro s1, pug t16 evo 2, 
lancia delta s4/2).  group 'a' required 2,500 similar examples.  the world
rally car requires 25,000 but gives a much freer hand with modifications
with only 20 cars needing to be produced.  the cars look much better and
more like the old group 'b' cars.

it also frees up manufacturers from having to produce awd cars in order
to go rallying because awd hardware can be sourced from ourside of the
manufactures product stable and bolted onto the chosen car.

if you follow rallying you will know that, despite having 'only' 300hp, the
group 'a' cars have been significantly faster over special stages than the
group 'b' cars of the mid 1980's, due mainly to better suspensions and
diffs.  recent advances in 'active' diff technology continues to push the
performance envelope...

'93 s2
'90 ur-q