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And it continues

I picked up my car last night having had the fuel injector seals 
replaced, and a new Air Hose fitted, and they also fixed a leaking fuel 
line, which was causing the horrible petrol smell whenever I had the 
windows down.
So I left the garage, after having to turn the engine over more than 
usual, but thought nothing of it.
Anyway I got about a minute down the road, and I noticed the car was 
spluttering, and generally not running on a full compliment of cylinders.
It got worse.....
About two miles down the road, I got to the local McDonalds and I had to 
put the car in neutral and hold the gas pedel to the floor just to keep 
the engine running.
Then it cleared itself, and ran aok.
On the motorway on the way home it ran smoother than it ever had, so I 
put all the previous problems down to having the fuel line replaced and 
the garage not having bled it properly.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it now seem to run like this everytime 
I run the engine from cold (i.e greater than 2 hours not running), 
because it did it again last night after my dinner and dose of 
Emerdale :-)

I watched "Daylight" at the flicks, and the car run lumpy and crap for 
about the first 5 minutes of the journey, but was fine afterwards.

If you have any ideas, let me know, but the car is going back into the 
garage next Thursday night, and Im using one of theirs until they fix it.

Oh what a wonderful life.

I just wonder if it will be running ok to go to France......

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
4 Wheels - Audi Quattro - 88 Model	UK Audi Quattro Owners Club
2 Wheels - Suzuki RG500 - 88 Model	Might be able to insure it one day
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