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Trip out. (most likely not very interesting)

I took my car for what is most likely longest trip I have used it for so 
far at a *mere* 305 miles yesterday. (The place being some Hotel on the 
road between Northampton and Kettering).
Anyway I took someone with me, and I drove down there quite steady, 
mainly due to the traffic on the M1 (thats a 200+ mile rolling car park 
if your not from the uk ;-) ) and the fact it was misty and pis#ing it 
down with rain. I dont think I did over 90 mph.
On the way back, being the end of the day, and just wanting to get home, 
it was a different matter.
The guy in the car with me, commented on how well the car pulled in 5th 
from 70-80mph...... ah, I said, you should see how much better it is once 
the Turbo's spinning, which I consequentlly did at around 90 and 110. 
Mmmmm he says, its pulls better at 110 than it does at 90 :-)
Its also quite good at winding up the "I've got a company BMW xyz" 
drivers, when they suddenly find that their pride and joy is not quite as 
fast as they thought it was.
Anyway I got home, and my average mpg was 26.4, so I don't think I did 
too bad.

Take care

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
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