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MB vs RR

Ive seen a few notes on there not being much difference between the 10V 
MB engine model and the 20V RR model, but I have recently noticed that 
while my MB pulls 89mph in 3rd, my friends RR pulls 99mph, and the 
difference in 4th gear is mine does 119mph and his pulls 136mph. 5th 
gear, well ermmm, Ive seen an indicated 143mph and he's seen 158mph. 
Both cars are (as far as we know) standard, excepts the RR no longer 
carries the two catalytic converters. (It still passes the MOT emissions 
test though)
If you sit and drive/ride in both cars, it is easy to notice that the 20V 
is the faster car, so the only place you are going to keep up with a 20V 
in a 10V is on a twisty road with not many straights?

But the plus side to owning the MB is that it does not drink as much 
fuel, and the 10V engine sounds *so* much better ;-)

Just my Saturday's waffles worth....
(also hope I am correct in calling the 20V an RR engine)

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
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