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Re: Used A4 Prices

> There is a moral in all this somewhere--probably has to do with the role 
> your banking institution sees itself playing in your life.  Before you 
> think my bank is comprised of nothing but wonderful people standing on 
> the 2nd floor throwing out baskets of money--I have never been able to 
> get them to finance any boat I have ever bought.  I've been a member of 
> this credit union for more then 25 years, my payment record on everything 
> is impeccable, I show them the industry statistics that sailboat loans 
> are the absolutely safest consumer paper you can hold--lowest default of 
> any kind of paper including home mortgages, etc.  Their answer is always 
> the same--we don't do boat loans.

Credit Unions seem to be weird critters ... I recently asked mine to raise
the credit limit on my credit card to something more useful than $1,500 as
their interest rate is one of the lowest I've found.  They said no ... not
because I'm a bad credit risk (quite the opposite, in fact) but because it
was their policy not to issue cards with higher credit limits to limit the
losses they might suffer.  It's a good thing they've got non-profit status
since I'm not sure they would know what to do with a proft it they managed
to earn one!  

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