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Re: NEW Audi topic...

> Anyone interested in contacting one of the custom manufacturers to discuss
> cost for like - 40 of these? I imagine at least 10 people on this list
> would leap at the chance to upgrade to 16" custom offset rims if they
> were of a Fuch alloy design. My top end price would have to be in the
> neighborhood of about 300.00 to 350.00 each.

I'd be VERY surprised if you could get a one-piece wheel made for even $500
each in a lot of 40 ... I wouldn't be surprised if the mold costs alone are
more than the $20k you're talking about.

However, if you could live with three-piece wheel -- a Fuchs replica center
with modular rims -- it might be possible.  There's a guy in town here that
machines custom centers from aluminum billet for show-car people and he can
do just about anything you want if you're willing to pay for it ... he said
simple designs could be done for $250-300 and that's about how much the rim
halves and hardware should cost as well.

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