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Re: all wheel drive in the dry

> Date:          Sat, 11 Jan 97 06:40:49 UT
> From:          "PAT MARTIN" <MARDKINS@msn.com>
> To:            "quattro" <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject:       all wheel drive in the dry

> All the people that have not driven a quattro or any other all wheel drive car 
> for any amount of time constantly say that there is not use for a all wheel 
> drive in a dry climate.  I say you are WRONG.  Having owned many very good 
> front drivers and several rear drivers I say that all wheel drive is not about 
> its wet or snow performance its about all around performance. 
         Very True!

 So why cant Audi or any other company effectively advertise this and make 
> believers out of more people.
       I don't know if there were any listers at the L.A. Autoshow In 
Jan of  '96 (not Jan '97) but Audi was trying to effectively show the 
benefits of AWD as compared to front drivers and rear drive. They had 
a remote control car on a circular track that could be switched from 
front drive, rear drive and AWD. The salesman asked volunteers what 
car they drove(of course in CA most are front or rear drivers) and 
then gave them the chance to drive the remote-controlled car on the 
track to simulate their cars handling. His theory was: Front drive 
understeers(pushes)  at the limit hitting the outside retaining wall, 
Rear drive oversteers at the limit and spins off the track backwards hitting 
the wall. Switches the car to AWD and the voluteers were driving the 
"Quattro" twice as fast around the track with no loss of control. Had 
many people oooohing and awwwing.   Pretty good idea! Wrong climate! 
Never saw this display in Colorado. Oh well.
                                                Chad Clark