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Re: "Audi Quattro Experience" - availability

Andrew Fletcher writes:
> Since quite a few people requested details of the source of the video I
> thought I would post one answer to the entire list.
> I bought my copy from Drysdale Auto Books, Elizabeth Street, Brisbane,
> Australia. Since this doesn't help most people I will find out who their
> supplier is (I suspect a company in England) and post their details with
> the identification numbers for the video.

This video "Audi Quattro Experience" and several other Audi-related titles
"Quattro Racing in the USA" and "Audi quattro - The Official Story" are
available from EWA Miniature Cars in the USA.

	Web:	http://www.ewacars.com
	Phone:	1-800-EWA-4454 order line
		1-908-424-7811 info line

BTW, they also carry many nice Audi miniature model cars.  The latest
December supplement catalog features the Audi A4 BTCC #3 car (Frank Biela)
in 1:43 scale.

No affiliation with EWA.


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