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Audi Tuning and BMW 350ti

	I saw a British mag in the bookstore that featured a BMW 318ti sport
compact with a 5.0 liter 12cyl shoehorned in it, built by Racing dynamics.
Imagine a V8 A3. Wow. Don't correct me, I know it is impossible.
	Along this line though, I was wondering, are there any major tuners for
Audis in the US. I know there is Neuspeed for VW. I know there is Abt and
A!Avantgard, but they are both german. Even an all Audi tuning store
somewhere. I have heard complaints that no one knows who sells Abt or
Avantgard in the US.
	I bet that would be a growing concept. Audi Aftermarket Tuners. When
Audi's sales are poor, it'd be hard to make a buck, but I would think that
out of all the new sales, a major Audi tuner will soon arise. Please don't
flame me and say, some little tuner here in _______ is around. I know this,
but I look at Neuspeed importing European VW parts, and developing their
own and I think to myself, it sure would be cool to have an American player
in the Audi aftermarket.