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RE: Audi Tuning and BMW 350ti

I don't think this falls into your category of a flame, but there are at
least 3 major Audi tuners that I know of:

 - Intended Acceleration (Ned Ritchie) in Olympia, WA.
 - Hoppen Motorsports (Joe Hoppen) in Florida somewhere (I think).
 - TAP (Total Audi Performance), God knows where they are.

I'm not sure they do body mods (I know Ned doesn't), but they sure do
their own engine mods as well as carry some others (specifically
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com

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>Subject:	Audi Tuning and BMW 350ti
>	I saw a British mag in the bookstore that featured a BMW 318ti sport
>compact with a 5.0 liter 12cyl shoehorned in it, built by Racing dynamics.
>Imagine a V8 A3. Wow. Don't correct me, I know it is impossible.
>	Along this line though, I was wondering, are there any major tuners for
>Audis in the US. I know there is Neuspeed for VW. I know there is Abt and
>A!Avantgard, but they are both german. Even an all Audi tuning store
>somewhere. I have heard complaints that no one knows who sells Abt or
>Avantgard in the US.
>	I bet that would be a growing concept. Audi Aftermarket Tuners. When
>Audi's sales are poor, it'd be hard to make a buck, but I would think that
>out of all the new sales, a major Audi tuner will soon arise. Please don't
>flame me and say, some little tuner here in _______ is around. I know this,
>but I look at Neuspeed importing European VW parts, and developing their
>own and I think to myself, it sure would be cool to have an American player
>in the Audi aftermarket.