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Re: urq wheels/tires

fred smith wrote:
> ...still don't get is that 225/50 16 rubs and 245/45 16 doesn't.
> ...diff in diam...2/10"...bbs/rs 15x7 37...worse...34's almost touch 
> the steering arm up front.Maybe...spacer(3-4mm)...fit better.
> ...When you rolled the lip did you do all round or just the top section? 
> My tires hit just betweem the two screws that fasten the rear plastic valance

Andrew Fletcher wrote:
> ...'81 urQ...factory stock...205X50X16 on Ronal 6"...bigger
> ...what exactly is involved in "rolling" the fenders?
> ...body shop at the moment...get them to do it...
> ...need to repaint anything after it is performed?

Maybe the 0.2 dia difference is important, are these on the same wheels?
BTW, most clubs specifically prohibit the use of spacers on track.

Next, with 225/45-16 on 16x8x35 BBS/RF I get nowhere near the fenders,
but the 35 offset puts the tire so close to the front control arm
that I cannot get a finger between them.

While this is close, it seems to have little effect, and almost never
touches, except in a REALLY HARD Downhill 90 degree right turn
at speed on the racetrack. Even then it only BEEPs for a fraction
of a second. I am not worried about this at all.

I have seen 225/50-15 on 15x7x35 on Gary Palumbo's car at Watkins Glen,
and he did not need to roll the fenders either.

With 225/50-15 on 15x8x__24__ the Rear fenders must be rolled, they rub 
quite a bit on the fender well. Note that when the factory shipped
cars with these Ronals, with 215/50-15s, they rolled the fenders.

Now for an attempt at some ASCII art, from the rear of the car:

|     /
|    /  <----push here with a wooden baseball bat
|   /
|  /  T-----------------------------------------T
| /   |                                         |
|/    |                Tire                     |
      |                                         |
      |                                         |

And from the side:
            .             .
         .                    .
      .   <---here to here--->  .
    .                             .
   .                               .
  .                                 .
  .                                 .
  .                                 .

Now, I've felt minenext to a factory rolling job, and I only have
gotten about 70% of the way there. This is because I didn't want
to wreck the paint where you can see it. On the part you are bending,
the paint will crack, and will need to be sanded and painted.

I used flat black, and masked around the fender, so you don't even
see the intersection at all.

However, if I were having any paint work done, I would definitely
go the rest of the way, damn the paint cracking, since I still
get a fair amount of rubbing with the ET24.

I hope this helps.