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Re: NH Mechanic

Peter E. Tengstrand wrote:
> ...relocated southern New Hampshire and I was wondering if
> anyone could recommend a good mechanic...Nashua/Manchester area

Lots of people have good things to say about Chris at
Autobahn in Bow/Concord, and while I haven't used his services
I have met him and he seems like a good guy. 603 226 1810.

However, I have had EXCELLENT results, as have Paul Royal,
Andrew Duane, and many others on this list, with the guys
at Eurosport Motorcar, DWhwy, Merrimack/Manchester, 
five miles south of Macys/Jordan Marsh on Rte3. 603 424 5100

Tim, Brian, Bruce, Jody, and Ken. All excellent.

83 urq
90 20vCQ
86 4kq
85 MBenz 230TE