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Re: Fender Bender advice.

>    Any ideas? Granted, I did hit a parked car. However it was an illegally
> parked car that was invisible to my eyes. This is the first accident I've ever
> had, so I'm a little inexperienced in this department. I feel responsible, but
> I think that she should shoulder some of the responsibility as well.

>                                 Siena College
>                                 Albany NY

Keep your insurance company in the dark.  If they get word that you've had an incident,
then you rates, at best, will go up, and will probably cover the cost of the damages
in 1-3 years.

If you can afford to pay damages directly, do it, you'll thank yourself for years to
come.  Don't give the lady the name of your insurance either.  

That's my 2 cents....