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Re: Am I Just Lucky?

Al Powell wrote:

>I've looked at the drawing of tool 2079 (you are correct) and it 
>appears to be simply an extension which sticks straight forward in 
>line with the center of the bolt - hence, much like using a 6" 
>extension in the socket.  If this is an accurate perception, then the 
>torque would remain unchanged from the book spec.

The plot thickens...

Found the picture you describe, p. 13-4 in the '89-91 Bentley 100, 200.
It specifies anti corrosion compound AMV 188 100 02, and torque 350 Nm.
The exploded view on p. 13-2 also quotes 350 Nm.  (You knew that.)

Although a different engine, the V8 3.6 requires the same tool 2079, so
we might assume the bolt is the same size.

The '90 V8 manual (paper version, superseded by fiche) p. 15-30-5 shows
tool 2079 as extending at right angles to the bolt axis, and says 350
Nm.  The exploded view on p. 15-20-1 specifies 450 Nm, and "use AMV
18800702 locking compound".  Back in the crankshaft group, it says to go
to Group 15, and, "When using special tool wrench for vibration damper
2079 the tightening torque should be 350 Nm (258 ft lb)."

>From the above, it looks like the actual bolt torque is indeed 450 Nm. 
Only _sure_ way to resolve this might be to call the dealer and see if
he has 2079, and go take a look at it.  If the fiche is different I'll
post tomorrow (have to use a reader at work until I scrounge one).