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Re: Tail-gating

Igor Kessel wrote:

>When some dorf pickemup truck tailgates me on a 35mph,
>revenue-ehancers-intensive two laner, while I am already doing 45, I
>usually drop down to the second without touching the brakes. (Without
>getting involved in an old discussion, which I have successefully
>managed to avoid, I'll just state the obvious: Yes, you do need to know
>how to double clutch in order to do that).

I know the feeling... but you risk an accident, and further depreciation if your car needs fixing....  that's why I use the rear fog light instead.   They usually immediately back off, thinking that its the brakes.  I'm installing a strobe in the vacant right fog position to make my "get off my tail, *s*hole" intentions more obvious.... or I just move out of the way and let the tailgater get the speeding ticket.

There is a difference though, if we are all in traffic, I'm not going to move to the right... the tailgater will not benefit and I'll toy with 'em.  But if I'm holding up a clear left lane, than my first option is to move out of the tailgater's way.  I'm not going to enforce the speed limit or penalize his bad habits at my own peril.

Tony K