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'86 CGT ign. key buzzer wire lead

I have just recently replaced my ignition switch module. While
everything was apart I cleaned things I don't normally see, and while
cleaning(for no real reason, just overly zealous) the black electrical
connector piece that goes onto the back of the ign. sw. module with a
wire brush - I know, STUUUPID! - I connected two of the wire leads and
	Everything has been put back together and all fuses are fine and
everything works as normal, EXCEPT the connector which I shorted and the
ign. sw. module and the ignition itself all seem to make a connection of
their own and cause the car's system or brain or whatever to think that
the KEY IS IN THE IGNITION WHEN IT IS NOT and activate the warning
buzzer! I could jiggle them around and cause the buzzer to go off, but
it wouldn't last long. I took the dash apart again and discovered it is
the light brown wire with two red stripes that is the lead which tells
the car's system whether the key is in the ign. or not. I took the lead
out of the connector, but want to find another solution if there is one.
Please help if you can, whether using a Bentley or memory. Thank you.