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Broken Injector Sleve on A100 2.2.

Hi all,

Whilst trying to determine the problem with my engine, I have discovered an
air leak around injectors 1 and 5.  (I did this by wafting an (unlit) butane
gas torch around each injector and all gaskets to see where it was drawing
in unmetered air).

The problem is the sleve for injector 1 is broken, and I cannot remove it.
I have tried with a 12mm hex socket, and have probably rounded it.  Any
ideas or past expreiences that might help?

Mike Walder                   | email:   miwa@premier.co.uk       
Computer Hardware Engineer    |          michael@dcs.rhbnc.ac.uk
Undergraduate Computer Science| WWW:     www.dcs.rhbnc.ac.uk:80/~michael
at The University of London.  | Fax:     01344 776677