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Re: Gasoline Bath

Mike Arman wrote:
> In regards to Christian Long's gasoline bath, I spoke to my dear bride (who
> is also a lawyer - personal injury type - not with State as P.D. any more)
> and she feels very strongly that Christian should NOT quickly settle
> _anything_ with the gas company.
> (Kevin Barry, Esq. also agrees - from digest)
> Christian, you are one lucky SOB to even be around to consider suing them!
> And so is your girl friend! You've now had free legal advice from two
> lawyers, and both have said the same thing: "Sign nothing. Settle nothing.
> Get legal help. Do so NOW."
> Possible issues:
>         1. Overhead gas dispensing hose inherently unsafe design (by your
> own direct experience), liability on part of manufacturer and their products
> liability insurance, plus liability of gas company and their insurance.
>         2. Inadequate training of employee who didn't know where the
> emergency shutoff was - don't these people know how dangerous gasoline can be?
>         3. A whole raft of EPA problems, State inspector problems (gas pumps
> are inspected by the state of FL), etc.
>         4. Did I forget the manufacturer of the hose that burst? They could
> also be liable.
>         5. Medical issues in future need to be addressed.
>         6. Present damages - (I think a new A-8 for each of you might be a
> good start.)
> Believe me, I'm no friend of litigation, but I think you have a valid case,
> and further, but for the grace of God (and I'm not religious), this could
> have had a very different ending!
I agree with all of the above....the gasoline burns that you must be
feeling must be awful....gasoline, when one is doused in it, does
corrode the skin and burn like a son of a bitch........inhalation is no
picnic either......have your doctor check you out.....fast!!!!