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Cool dudes, posing

(not much Audi content at first)

Phil relates a hilarious story about listening in on the finance company
telling this cool, posing dude to pay or die, dirtball!!

I'm a mortgage broker, and I get to review credit reports BEFORE the lender
has a chance to shoot 'em down in flames. We have a FAWNCY subdivision here
known as "The Trails" which is where all the yuppie wannabes aspire to live.
(It turns out that it actually and truly was built on the site of the old
city dump! Ha!)

Anyway, these "affluent" characters come in looking for refis 'cause they're
having trouble making their payments, and I pull their credit as step one.

Well, the FAWNCY brick house has zero or negative equity, the Jag-you-ah is
from a buy-here-pay-here-weekly car lot, the Exploder is also negative
equity and the list of credit card debt reads like Gone With The Wind
(unintended pun there!)

If either one of these people catch a cold and miss ONE DAY's work, the
whole mess comes tumbling down! Time to do Hari-Kari on your Visa card, dude!

(more Audi content)

13B>>>>5K conversion: Seem to have started a weight distribution thread -
when the weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the engine, it'll run.
Talking to a guy later today who put a 13B into a Sp*tfire - want a look at
the territory, so to speak. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath - this
won't be a one-weekend project.

(Much more Audi content)

Located a company in Wyoming which reverse engineers electronic devices. You
send 'em the part, they'll send it back, with a schematic. (!) Anyone got a
non-working climate control box I can send them to do? - we'll then have a
schematic and repair information for this in our archives! (_Then_ we send
'em the ECU!)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman