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Re: Interesting Ti's

>In the last 2 years of crewing for an SCCA A-Sedan team, I have spent 
>quite a bit of time in the pits/paddocks of regional, national and pro 
>I have yet to see with my own eyes, anybody using Ti springs. On any car.
>Not to say that they don't exist or that you haven't used 'em, it's just 
>that noone believes you Eric.
>It's time that you quit the petty bickering and 1-line half truth 
>In a nut shell, prove it.
>Have a nice evening.


Try going to a real race in a pro series.  A-Sedan give me a break.....  
Just because you and Scott don't belive what's happening in the real 
world does'nt mean that it's not out there.  I've been racing pro for 14 
years, technology has changed alot since then and in my experience Amatur 
racing is at least 6 years behind the pro stuff.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO