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Re: All Ti's to audi

>No problem in the Indy series, nor WSC.  70% of GTS is based on what
>reference?  Resume?  Whatever.  Is one inferring that my post that 90% of
>springs are steel not Ti might be incorrect?  Hardly worth the bandwidth
>here.  Since one seems to have that many "friends", how 'bout a btdt post on
>the advantages disadvantages of Ti springs in an audi, and since the one
>posting above "claims" to have had a set custom wound, is there a reason one
>can't share the cost?   Resume wars are not audi related topics.  And few
>would believe that I live in the past.

My last post on the Subject....

When did I ever say that we should be looking at Ti springs on Audi's?   
Never.  Case closed.  I've had Ti springs wound for the following:  The 
T/A car, The Camel Lights car that I did, My Steadicam arm etc etc.  
Scott you really need to learn to read.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO