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Re: What is going rate for body work????

> Forgive my ignorance, but are body shops usually far cheaper than
> mechanical work where labor fees are computed? The shop I trust my 5kcs to
> when I don't trust myself charges $45/hr and that's less than the local
> Audi dealer. Cheapest place in town asks $35/hr. Opinions?

Like all wages it must vary by location.  My mechanic in Northern
Virginia charges $55.50/hour and the dealer charges $68 (mumble).
Remember you're paying not just for the worker's time (and he has to
be paid more in the city to cover his higher cost of living) but also
for the shop space which depends directly on real estate prices.

If your insurance company is quibbling over $2, especially on a claim
that isn't your fault, just stare them down until they pay.
['86 Coupe GT]