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More, more blue smoke

I didn't realize this would generate so much response, with that in mind
I will elaborate.

I bought the car the in December after previously having owned an '83
Scirocco for 7 years. For those who don't know that was the first year
with the 1.8 liter and the GTI suspension. Anyway I always used 10w40 in
the Winter, 15w40 fall and Spring and 20w50 in the Summer. I never had
any engines problems with that car at all. Like all Volkswagens the car
fell apart around the engine, but that's another story.

Back to the Audi. The car had two owners before me. When I bought the car
the second owner gave me the title which stated that the car had 60k
miles on when he bought it in '92. That means that the first owner put
60k on in two years, and who knows how often he got the oil changed. So
abuse could be a factor. The second owner said that he used synthetic oil
since he owned it. (Previously I said that I use Mobile-1, I must have
been really tired or something because I use Castrol Syntec. The car had
Castrol Syntec 10w30 in it.) So I am trying to continue where he left

Smoke; The inspection station (where in fact the car was on level ground)
was the first time I actually saw smoke, I always smelled it before when
I would let it warm up in the mornings. I just assumed it was leaking
somewhere and then burning,  I never expected it to be coming from inside
the engine.  So I will now suspect: first crankcase ventilation. Second
valve seal. Third (dred the thought) rings. I think a compression test
will prove that one. I haven't pulled the plugs yet, I probably should
have. I feel so guilty for neglecting my car like that, but every weekend
my Wife leaves me with the kids and goes out for an hour. When she gets
back six hours later it's too late work on the car.