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You are invited to......

Ein Bier und Brat Birthday Bash

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of
The 'Delivery' of our 1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro
Delivered on May 27, 1997
by Mike Heyer at Parktown Porsche+Audi, Kirkwood MO
"JAZ 5000"

To be held Saturday, May 31, 1997
Noon 'til Dusk
Beaver Dam State Park
7 Miles SE of Carlinville, Illinois, USA
(70 Miles NE of St. Louis, MO, 50 miles S of Springfield, IL)

What to bring:  Your Audi (Porsches invited), Yourself and a Guest

RSVP Required by May 10, 1997
James A. Zwahlen, Rt. 3 Box 121A, Carlinville, IL 62626, USA
Phone:  217-854-6113
E-mail:  jazman@accunet.net
Lodging and other information available upon request

(Carlinville is on old Route 66!)

Tell your co-Audi owners.  Hope you can make this party a success!