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       Hi, I'm kinda new to the list!  My name is Brian Mathison, and I'm a
Audi freak!  I'm 19, turning 20 in May.  My family owns a Audi 4000 q with
about 120k miles.  The car is a blast to drive all year.  I just love
blowing by Camaros and stangs!  Of course it's pretty to do when you live in
        The Benz AWD system, in my opinion, is totally inferior to the Audi
system.  The system is engaged at speeds under 14mph, after that the car
switches to RWD until the situation comes up that the AWD is needed.  The
system then engages and switches off once the slippery stuff passes.  It's
like a part time AWD system!  Mind you, I wouldn't complain if I got a Benz.
As far as AWD systems go, the Audi RULES!!!
        I also have a question for a friend of mine.  He owns a 91 Audi 200q
20v turbo.  He has the reprogramed computer from Intended Acceleration and a
bigger exshaust manifold.  He, as I, live in Fairbanks Alaska.  The roads
are full of frost heaves and potholes.  He would like to know if there are
any suspenion Mods that would improve handling with little sacrfice to ride.
He would also like a good tire setup for the car.  Finally, he would also
like to know if there are any good exshaust systems for his car.  Sorry, one
more thing!  Is there any places that will sell a stock exshaust system for
a 84 4000q, ours at home is getting on my nerves!  Thanks for the help!!

                                                Brian Mathison