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RE: Fwd: Even More stuff (ix vs quattro)

In a note dated 4/3/97 you write:

<<this is from a friend, the one whoe i have been arguing with about the
quatrro and ix thing.  Here is the latest one...any responses and help would
be helpful.>>

<long note from "friend" deleted to save BW>

Your friend with the dorf exploder is about as off base as our mustang
"friend" a few weeks back. My advice to you is try to gracefuly drop the
arguement as those who are this clue-less can not ever be convinced
otherwise, and no, they may not buy a clue either ;-). Like I wrote in a
private e-mail recently...the IX made a good car worse, quattro makes a good
car great! nuf said I think. Good luck with your 'friend"!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (like it much better than even the new non-IX's I test drove back