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Coming to U.K.

In message <199704161608.MAA10842@mime4.prodigy.com> TGVH67A@prodigy.com (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:

> Just a line to say that I will be in the U.K. from the 30th of this
> month until May 10. I will be at the BTCC race at Thruxton on
> qualifying day and probably race day as well. I will be there with
> Thi Anh Moore who I think is a member of your Club. Wondering if any
> members will be there including yourself we can get together. Later.

Good - well, hope you enjoy it.

Club events are a "Track & Test" day at Three Sisters near Wigan on 30
April - contact Peter Meaney of the Group B Car Club on 01543 271746
for details - and a semi-official presence at the GTI International,
Crowthorne, Berkshire on 10/11 May - 01525 873002 (evenings).

Area meetings tend to be on the second Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
of the month - so apart from Northern Ireland and County Durham,
the only area meeting taking place while you're here will be
Paul Beaurain's Area "K" meeting at the Robin Hood, halfway between
Buckingham and Brackley.  Thursday, 8 May, 20:00.  It's one of the
ones I attend regularly.  Roger Galvin, the membership secretary,
also goes most weeks - and if you're _very_ lucky you might meet
the legendary "Martin" - who built cars for Michele Mouton, Stig
Blomqist, and probably knows more about making quattros fast and
reliable than anyone else I know.  If you buy him a beer, he might
even speak to you.

(That _isn't_ a joke.  The first time Martin worked on my car, he
 just looked at me and grunted.  Eight hours of silence.  The
 second time, he actually _said_ something.  He said: "Breather
 hose."  I felt honoured.  We now have quite long conversations
 about MB fuel injection systems.)

I can print off a recommended route if you let me know where you're

 Phil Payne
 Phone: +44 385302803  Fax: +44 1536723021  CIS: 100012,1660