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horrible experience

                This story is about the new wheels on my S4.
        The tire shop bought my gour bent ABT wheels at $320.
                They told me that the wheel names Calrsson is very strong
        and absolutely right for my Audi, he give me quite a good price
        , $432 each. I decide to buy four Calrsson + new 215-50 17 SP8000,
        total prices is $2500. 

                The result ??? very terrible. the car heavily shake at
almost every 
        speed. but low speed ride is better ( the old tire is 235-45 17 ). I
drive the 
        car to other shop to have the wheels balanced. They said, even
hundred of
        the balancing weight will not solve the problem. They told me that
        is for Mercedes, the hub of Mercedes is bigger than Audi's, so the
hub of the 
        car and the wheel cannot make a tight contact.  I call the guy from
the first 
        shop, he said he can modify the Carlsson for me, but I say " NO " I
want to 
        refund my money. he said " I can't " ..god damn.. he want to
decrease the
        price of the Carlsson $70 each if I want to return the wheels to him.
                Just one day of using them and I lost 70*4= $ 280 for
free....oh my god.

                Today I bought new set of A! Avantgarde 8*17 wheel ( from
other shop ).              This is the only choice for me. ABT is not strong
enough for the road in Thailand,
     No other brand offer the right hub size for my car. The A! Avantgarde
costs me
        $640 each, total = $640*4 = $2560....hur...

                This is the lesson for me.  I lost more than $5000 in two
days just
     for new set of wheels and tires. Tomorrow morning I will sell Calrson
     back to that f....ing guy at the f....ing price.

                A! Avantgarde fit perfectly to the car, the car is dead
stable at 140 mph.