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Big brakes(was: RIPP me a new one)

On Sun, 20 Apr 1997 Kwattro@aol.com wrote:

> I'd like to know exactly how he fit 13 .4 inch rotors and 17 by 8 inch wheels
> on the car.  I would think at that diameter, something would rub with the car

This mod is feasible with a custom "hat" for the 2-piece bolt together
rotors.  Carl Jerritts' 5ktq is running about with 4-pot 911 turbo
calipers and 13.5 inch rotors.  Aside from the custom "hat" a mounting
block had to be made to adapt the Porsche caliper to the Audi strut.
Everything fits just fine and it stops like the dickens....  There should
be another set of "big reds" running about on an Ur Q if I'm not mistaken,
is that right Scott J. ??????
BTW- The wheels on this car are 17 x 8" TSW Hockenheim-R's. 235/40-17 AVS


Brendan Rudack

Fenton, Michigan 

'88 90Q "my boostless racecar"
coil-overs, G60s, 63mm exhaust, 
modified bumper....