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Re: I shouldn't have tempted the Audi Gods (long)

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997, Phil Payne wrote:

> > The fuel distributor seems ludicrously expensive in new or reconditioned
> > form, considering the simplicity of the internals.  Looked like a load of
> > springs and washers with a bit of metal sheet to me, worth about $75 /
> > 50ukp, plus 600 quid 'cause it's german.
> Have you put either of the ones you disassembled under pressure again yet?
> Remember this is a metal-to-metal seal holding back a very low viscosity, 
> highly flammable liquid at around 100psi.  The official repair kit provides a 
> new bit of "metal sheet" with a special coating - even the experts like BR 
> Motorsport won't consider tackling this job.

My fuel distributor on my CIS-E was diagnosed as "bad" and they said I 
needed a new one. I dont remember the price, but it was high enough for 
me to try it myself. I took it apart, cleaned it, fixed a spring, and put 
it back together. That was over 200K ago. No problems at all. There is no 
magic to it, and the metal seals would be tough to screw up.  Anybody 
could probably do it no prob.


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