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Re: British Mags, 30 Valves, and Silly Germans.

Bertenyi, Tamas wrote:
> Ingolstadt but Performance Car gives another explanation. They note
> that certain GERMAN TAX LAWS make it quite favourable to limit power
> to 193 horses (which also explains the BMW I6's moderate power
> increase when it went from 2.5 to 2.8 litres). Silly Germans. Can
> anyone shed light on this? Furthermore, what are the ramifications of
> this with respect to potential engine tweaking? Huh huh?

I also read about the 193 horse limit being an issues, thought I read it
was an insurance classification.  The article I was reading (Automotive
News, I think) mentioned that when the A6 gets here this fall, with the
30V engine, it will have 200+ horsepower.  AoA has apparantly specified
a less restrictive exhaust and an ECU adjustment to get the HP up.  It
didn't mention anything about that happening on the A4.  When I saw the
info on the 30V A4 at the dealer a couple of weeks ago, it specified 193
HP.  Maybe that's how AoA plans on differentiating the A4 vs A6 a little

Just some more info.

Rusty A. Schlacke
Cedar Rapids, IA
'95 A6 quattro (5 speed)