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Re: That damn dipstick...

Sean Ford wrote:
> I'd like to formally post an Audi complaint. I hate my oil dipstick. Is
> this an "across the board" Audi piece of equipment, or did they save it for
> the 100/A6 crowd only? Has anyone come up with an answer to this foolish
> thing? I can't tell if my oil is low, high, or somewhere in between!

I think it must have changed it along the way, my '95 A6 has orange
plastic on the end with bare metal between the "Hi" and "Lo" marks.

Looks like you could maybe get one from a later model to replace yours. 
You'd have to compare them side by side of course to make sure they were
exactly the same length, etc.

Rusty A. Schlacke
Cedar Rapids, IA
'95 A6 quattro (5 speed)