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Super plugs

    Guys, with all this talk about "super spark plugs" I thought I'd ask if any
one has heard about these new plugs that AC Delco is supposed to be comming out
with?  A friend of mine was at the SEMA convention and show this year in Las Ve
gas and he told me that everyone there was real excited about these new plugs!
My friend was too, and it is hard to get excited about spark plugs.  I'm not su
re what is special about them, but they are supposed to be real high preformanc
e and last longer!  I'll bet they are cheaper than the F5DPOR's too, so maybee
this is the compromise we are all looking for.  I may try them out when they co
me out or when I hear more about them.  Just curious if anyone else has heard a
nything about these new AC Delco super plugs.