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Re: 93 90 brake upgrade? anyone?

> A couple of other thoughts here. I was talking with the guys at
> GPR the other day, any they said they can do slotted and/or drilled
> rotors. They can do this to any rotor (including OEM) so there's
> no trouble getting the right fit. I'm considering getting new OEMs
> and having them slotted, which I think would work well with the CCs,
> but I going to stay away from drilling.... (They charge ~$40/ea
> for slotting.)

I bought some "ATE Power Discs" from New Dimensions after I warped my
stock rotors (in 10k!).  They are slotted in a strange pattern that
looks like the old '50s science-textbook atom drawings.  Take a look
at the pictures on their web page (http://www.newdimensions.com).

I'm not convinced this slotting is any better than normal slotting,
but it's probably not any worse and my 256 mm rotors were a pretty
reasonable $65 each.
['86 Coupe GT]