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Re: audi and f1

I read a little blurb in the May issue of "F1" last night and they say
that according to "reliable sources" Audi is working with Porsche on the
Formula One engine. But the top brass at Audi will not comment on it.

If Audi does enter F1 that would be too cool. In Japan F1 is HUGE! Ayrton
Senna is a god. 

Let's face it. Honda was nothing but a boring econobox producer then they
entered F1 with Williams and then McClaren. Now they have some sort of
reputation as being the technological leader of Japanese auto
manufacturing. I think that their media exposure with F1 certainly helped
that aspect. . .ALOT! And they probably learned alot from racing as well.

I hope things work out. . .beacuse F1 is the NBA of autoracing.