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(was) Re: 4000q troubleshooting (is) KYB

SMH100@aol.com wrote:
> Without a doubt i will not consider KYB anymore!


ampj@tiac.net (Allan Jones) wrote:
>They're not that bad! Mine have proven themselves and although they may
not be the best available, the KYBs in my C-GT are much better than
stock and have taken' a beaten'. I couldn't have asked for more.

I have been pleased with KYB's too. I tried Boge Turbo TS in another 4kq
years ago (with only 85k miles) and was not impressed-little improvement over
stock (so perhaps they weren't worn out after all yet?). That car never
handled like the '87 "commerative build" with "sports suspension" did. This
time around with my current q I was broke and opted for KYB's because I
didn't really care to try Boge's again. I was advised NOT to go with KYB's
sport setting gas because they are way too harsh and don't match up well with
stock springs. I went with their standard setting gas and have been very
pleased...this car handles far better than the one I put Boge's on and they
were very reasonable. Would I buy them again? Yes, if cost was a
consideration, and if cost was not a concern my choice would not be Boge.
Yes, different cars, and years apart...but it is one person's personal
experience FWIW.

Mike Veglia
85 4kq (with KYB's and not completely ashamed to admit it)