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Re: the classic hydralic lifter noise ....again

Ed Armstrong wrote:
> lifter noise on my 85 Coupe and decided to replace them all while doing a
> timing belt job. The problem is the lifter noise is worse now with the new
> ones in there. There is no noise while the engine is cold and warming but
> noise when warm especially at idle and low rpm. Any ideas what the cure for
> this would be? The lifters were stored properly (upside down) as far as I
> know. Should I perhaps retorque the cam followers again or try over again
> with a new set of lifters? This is the most aggravating Audi problem I have
> experienced ......

	I'm sorry Ed, I have no advice for you, but you have given' me advice
and right when I needed it! I have the front end apart(bumper, valve
cover, timing covers, etc.) and am taking it as slow as I can so I can
afford to do as many things to the engine as possible.  :-)

	WOW, NOW I have reservations about tackling that project while my
timing belt/water pump procedure goes on, and on, and...  Most of the
time mine are not that bad, and as long as the oil is synthetic(Mobile
1), changed often, and kept clean with a new filter in between oil
changes, I should be able to keep the noise at bay. Thanks to all...

Allan Jones
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  Alpine White with Red leather
sons Michael & Trevor
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  12 volt motor/rear wheel drive/2 speed with reverse
  Alpine White with Red plastic (I'm dead serious!)