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RE: Subject: Coolant smell in the cabin (aWk !)

On Thu, 22 May 1997 at 09:00:57 EST
"Kurt Wesseling" <kwessel@enm.maine.edu> wrote:

>Couple of days ago I began noticing the faint smell of engine coolant 
>inside my '87 5KCSTQ as I was driving.  I don't see any leaks or 
>liquid anywhere _yet_.
>I can smell it whether the CC is on or off.  Wonder if this is an 
>early warning that my heater core is about to go, or something else ?
>Opinions welcome.
>- --Kurt

Be afraid, be very afraid.

On my recently resurrected 88 80Q I smelled faint smells like that for a
couple of days. I pressure tested the cooling system repeatedly, but found
nothing. I chalked it up to residue from the engine work, and a couple of
leaks I had fixed. Wednesday, on the way to work, the heater core
experienced a catastrophic failure! Steam stared pouring out of the dash,
and my left foot was scalded by the rush off coolant. 
	It's now temporarily bypassed whilst I try to find a source cheaper than
the dealer. At least it picked a convenient season!


88 80Q

"Who would'a thought that disco would outlive communism?"