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Re: Please be gentle.....


well obviously you are a man of taste and discernment ;-)

the rs2 ss exhaust uses it's special cats...

i'm not sure that the rs2 manifold would help you, as it's designed for the rs2
turbo with it's higher flow rates.  still i'm no expert in this area...

out of interest, are the wheels the same as an rs2 (is 17x7)?  although i've
been told that these are 968 wheels, while they do look similar, they are quite
different to the 968's i've seen (including the 968cs).

wrt radar detectors, ymmv - the valentine 1 won't work correctly in new zealand
due to the different radar tuning down here.  i went to the expense of a
completely concealed unit wired in, and used another audi dash switch to mute
on/off it.  it saved me the other day when i was pulled over for 143k in a 100.
 the revenue collection officer was in 'instant on' mode, but i picked him up
well over a k away and slowed to the regulation 100.  he must have been a
little suspicious, and tailed me.  as it was night time all i could see were a
set of headlights getting closer.  as this is not a normal occurrence when i'm
driving 'a' to 'b', i immediately slowed and sure enough about 2 minutes later
he hit his lights.  he let me off with a warning due, i think, to my 'lack' of
a detector (ie. he believed that my 1st speed was legitimate and my explanation
that 'my speed just got away on me officer')

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Tue, 17 Jun 97 18:26:00 PDT
>From: Malcolm White <MWhite@sni.co.uk>
>This is my first posting to the list.  Tomorrow I pick up a '94 S4 Estate   
>(Avant).  It is in immaculate silver with the 6-speed manual box.  It is   
>fitted with Porsche-style cup alloys (RS2?) and has had a GTI Engineering   
>Phase 2 conversion (anyone in the UK know exactly what this entails?)   
>which gives 300bhp. It has also been lowered and firmed up   
>(Bilstein/Eibach, I assume...I need to check) Is there a decent stainless   
>steel performance exhaust system for the Estate?  Is the RS2 manifold the   
>best option or does the Dialynx work on this car?  Lastly, are there any   
>US mail-order companies that would sell a Valentine One radar detector   
>Regards, Malcolm (working in UK but living in Dublin)