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4000Q AC question

     Hi All,
     Does anyone know if the electric radiator fan in a 86 4000Q is supposed 
     to run at all times when the AC is switched on?  Mine doesn't.  If it 
     should, this might be why my AC isn't great. 
     I have a Saab 900 that has two fans, side by side, and I think one of them 
     is always running if the AC is on.  If you ordered a 900 without AC, I 
     think it only has one fan.  I'm sorry if none of this Saab talk is 
     Also, I have a suspicion that with the heat "off," it isn't really all 
     the way off.  Has anyone experienced this?  I guess I should replace 
     the heater control valve, or check the cable for full movement and 
     proper adjustment.