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Re: pentosin types

At 11:15 AM 6/24/97 -0700, Steven Buchholz wrote:
>> Question concerns the difference between 11S and 7.1 types.  6 mos. ago,
>> I replaced my steering rack and filled the system with the stuff from
>> VW/Audi dealer.  Which type is in their can?  What should I use to top
>> up?  I've heard the 7.1 and 11S are NOT compatible.  No, the rack is not
>> leaking yet, one of the hoses seems to be weeping where it is clamped to
>> the fluid resevoir-every 5000 seems to drip here!
>Yes, I too know that it was discussed in the past.  It seems to me that 
>Audi dealers sell only one kind of fluid, and IME it has a red cap (I 
>don't know if that means anything).  The local import parts places seem 
>to now carry both types, and it appears that the 11S is the stuff with 
>the red cap.  They also ask me what year car I have, and when I say '88 
>they tell me I need the 7.1 stuff.


I suspect that you're right about Audi selling only one type, at least in
the US.  They've always given me the can with the red cap, p/n G 002 000,
which is the 11S stuff, for my '87 5000 S.

I just looked in my Haynes manual (I know, I should have a Bentley by now,
shoot me I deserve to die! ;)) and it says to use VW/Audi p/n AOE 041 020
10.  I'm going to call my dealer tomorrow and check it out.

I stopped by an import repair shop on the way to work this morning (no time
to drive an hour to the Audi dealer, and I desperately needed pentosin).
He gave me a bottle of Bilstein hydraulic fluid which he says he uses in
all the Audi hydraulic systems.  It was cheaper than the stuff at the
dealer, but I can't find on the bottle anywhere whether it's 7.1, 11S, or
something else.  I went ahead and used it, since I know I'll be rebuilding
my rack in the next couple of weeks anyway, but if any of you know anything
about this fluid, lemme know. :)

Bilstein		2615
Hydraulic Fluid ZH-M
p/n A 000 989 91 03

that's all the info on the bottle

TIA, HTH, etc.. ;)