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Steering pump questions

I can ignore my hydraulic system no more!  I'm at the point where I fill up
with Pentosin more often than I fill up with gas, and at $20/liter from the
dealer, it's denting my wallet.

Some weeks ago there was a post regaurding rebuild kits.  A part #, 026 198
049B, was included and the lister priced it at ~$15.  I called my Audi
dealer today and asked for a price on a power steering rebuild kit and was
quoted $70 for the kit, or $325 for an Audi rebuilt pump.  Can anyone point
me towards a more reasonably priced source for this kit?  (I live in
Virginia, USA, btw)

What I think I'm going to do, since I don't have a second car to drive
while I rebuild this pump, is buy a used pump from a junkyard and rebuild
it, then pull the old pump and put in the rebuilt one.  My local junk yard
says they have a used pump they'll give me for $45, so I think it's worth
it.  I'll have a spare pump in case I run into trouble later.

My next concern is bleeding the system when I rebuild the pump.  Can one
person handle bleeding the hydraulic system, and will I need any special
tools to do it?

This will be the first time I've put my hands under the hood of this car
other than to check/fill fluids, so any help/tips are much appreciated. :)